4 Biggest Problems in Recruitment and How to Fix Them

One of the critical functions of HR that significantly impacts an organization is recruitment. Hiring talent is a multi-faceted process with many steps. In the blog, we discuss the 4 biggest problems in recruitment and how to fix them.

Why Organizations Need to Monitor the Labor Market

The labor market is constantly changing and evolving. It changes to reflect demands and pressures from different sectors, industries, and locations. New jobs emerge, old ones disappear, and wages fluctuate—sometimes due to external forces and local or regional economic factors. Organizations must stay on top of trends and monitor the labor market to remain competitive.

How to Prepare for Job Hunting in 2021

There is no denying that 2020 was challenging. Many of us welcome the new year with hopeful energy and an opportunity for a fresh start. When it comes to your career, a new year could mean a new job or a career change you’ve wanted to make for months. Stand the best chance of job-seeking success in the new year by keeping these strategies in mind.

How Will the 2021 Philippine Talent Landscape Look Like?

The year 2020 painted a very complex and ambiguous picture for the local talent landscape. The country was not spared as we saw company closures, mass job layoffs and furloughs, downsizing, and strategy pivots from micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises as well as established corporations. More than one-fourth (26 percent) of companies shut down and more than one-half (52 percent) are partially operating with income down by 90 percent.

How Has the Philippine Work Landscape Changed in 2020?

The start of a new decade in 2020 brought with it much discussion about the future of work. The World Economic Forum and McKinsey wrote about the rise of automation and digital transformation, as well as how workers need to upskill. Allwork discussed flexibility on when, how, where, how much, and with whom people work. Inc., on the other hand, cited mental health support and the importance of creating a psychologically safe work environment.

How to Land a Job During the Pandemic

Finding a new job during a global health crisis is not easy. It can be demoralizing to keep sending out resumes and searching job boards when openings are few and far between. And while it is undoubtedly a difficult time to switch jobs, there are career opportunities out there. Practical tips and advice from job seekers who have successfully landed a job during the pandemic can help increase your chances.