5 Bad Writing Habits You Need to Break

Carla Tensuan

Carla Tensuan

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When writing, it can be easy to fall into unproductive habits. Bad writing habits that hinder your productivity and creativity can creep up on you without realizing it. And it can be something as innocuous as never saving your work or something harder to break like using so much paper.

This article will cover some of the unhealthiest writing habits and how to break them so your freelancing is sustainable in the long run.

Bad Writing Habit #1: Waiting for the right moment

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You’ll never write if you wait for the perfect moment to start writing. You can’t wait until inspiration strikes you. You can’t wait until you have the right words, setting, or mood. So get those fingers on the keyboard and start typing. Start with what immediately comes to mind, and write it down. Don’t worry about achieving perfection in your first draft.

Bad Writing Habit #2: Writing without a plan

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When writing a new piece, outline whom you want to target your content, what you will write about, and what topics you will cover. A good outline helps you stay on task, avoid getting sidetracked, and cover important issues for your readers. When you outline your articles, it is easy to see what has already been discussed and what needs to be fleshed out.

Bad Writing Habit #3: Spending too much time researching

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Research is an essential step before you begin to up. But more often than not, writers get carried away. Researching can suck up a lot of your time. While you may have to do much research to write an article or an ebook, you don’t want to spend days on it. Too much research can add up to too much material to work with. Instead, research the best and most accurate information for your piece.

Bad Writing Habit #4: Using lots of paper and ink

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Paper, ink, and cartridges can get expensive, and you don’t want to waste these resources. Many writers, including myself, cannot help but rely on index cards, notebooks, or notepads when writing. But an analog approach to work takes up precious time. Think of all the money (and trees) you’ll save when you go paperless.

Bad Writing Habit #5: Not archiving your work

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One of the best things to do when you write is to back up and archive your work. Keep a working file of your drafts. When your work is published, save the link or an electronic copy for your portfolio. This is especially important if you get published with your author byline.


While many of these habits are harmless, they are easy to fall into and difficult to break. Now is the best time to break these unhealthy habits and start writing more productively. Sticking to good writing habits allows you to make the most of your time and produce your best work.

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Carla Tensuan is a freelance writer, editor, and communications specialist. She specializes in crafting creative copy, blog content, and press releases. She enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and practicing yoga in her free time. She lives with her husband in Manila, Philippines.