Carla Tensuan

Copy, content, and communications

Whether you need copywriting, web content, or corporate communications, I’m happy to discuss your project needs.

The right words to make you shine

I work with businesses to find the right words and tone that will resonate best with their audience. I can write for you on topics ranging from art and travel to career and business with a personal touch. I’m also on Upwork if you want a six-month commitment but don’t need long-term work.

15+ years of writing and marketing

I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2020, and before that, I was a full-time marketing and communications professional at different companies for 15 years. That means I’m well-versed in creating content for consumers and businesses alike.

My experience will help you

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with companies in the Philippines and across the world. I’ve done work for Birches Group, Canva, Digital Room, KKday, Kalibrr, and Metrobank Foundation. I have the skills needed to work with you remotely. As a freelancer born and raised in Manila, I can provide my services at competitive rates. 

I can help you articulate your ideas beautifully.

My Latest Work

Building a Successful HR Management Strategy by Ensuring Equity

A discourse is taking center stage in human resources: equity. More than just a buzzword, ensuring equity in the workplace is now a concern across organizations, sparking conversations between HR professionals and business leaders.

Why a Five-point Performance Rating System May Be Detrimental to People Management

Most organizations use the traditional five-point performance rating system. But a five-point system carries with it a range of people management issues. Instead of motivating staff, it does the complete opposite.

4 Biggest Problems in Recruitment and How to Fix Them

One of the critical functions of HR that significantly impacts an organization is recruitment. Hiring talent is a multi-faceted process with many steps. In the blog, we discuss the 4 biggest problems in recruitment and how to fix them.

Why Organizations Need to Monitor the Labor Market

The labor market is constantly changing and evolving. It changes to reflect demands and pressures from different sectors, industries, and locations. New jobs emerge, old ones disappear, and wages fluctuate—sometimes due to external forces and local or regional economic factors. Organizations must stay on top of trends and monitor the labor market to remain competitive.

Record-Breaking Mosaic Art Around the World

Mosaics are a centuries-old art form, but their popularity hasn’t waned. They can be found worldwide, from villas and museums to sidewalks and public spaces. Mosaic artwork is everywhere. But have you ever wondered how giant is the world’s largest mosaic? What’s the greatest number of people who’ve worked together on mosaic art? What kinds of materials have mosaic designs been made out of?

Mesmerizing Asian Mosaic Designs That Will Wow You

Mosaic art brings together the old and the new. It’s a tradition that dates millennia, but you’ll find plenty of contemporary examples. And although mosaics are rooted in Western art, you can seek design inspiration from Chinese and Japanese art. The result is an original artwork that bridges East and West. To showcase the versatility of mosaics, here are some Asian-influenced motifs that will wow you.

Hole-in-the-Wall Cafés to Discover Around Alabang

We just love the simple, down-home vibe of Alabang south of Metro Manila. People here are known for being much more chill or laid-back, and it shows. If residents aren’t entertaining at home, they’re meeting with friends from nearby neighborhoods. In this part of the city, one will often find groups hanging out in cafés or coffee shops that are a welcome break from cookie-cutter chains. Here’s a list of our favorite, cozy hole-in-the-wall cafés in Alabang just waiting to be discovered.

Your Weekend Guide to Sta. Rosa, Laguna

From Monday to Friday, we’re busy with work, school, and family. But come the weekend, we get a chance to recharge and relax. We can go on a staycation and explore the big city. Or, better yet, we can head to nearby cities and towns in the countryside—like Sta. Rosa, Laguna—where we can enjoy fresh air, nature, and weekend activities.

My Latest Blog Posts

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Giving Back: How to Share Your Freelancing Expertise

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The Essential Role of a Freelance Writing Mentor

The role of a mentor is transformative for freelancers. They offer valuable insights, share their experiences, and provide guidance on how to grow and succeed in the freelance industry.

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Why Having Multiple Clients is Crucial for Freelancers

It can be tempting to rely on a single client for steady income. But this approach is risky and can lead to financial instability. To thrive as a freelancer, cultivate relationships with multiple clients.

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5 Important Insights from My Personal SEO Experience

In this blog article, I share my experiences and lessons learned from applying SEO best practices to my website and blog.

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6 Actionable Tips to Win Over Clients

Establishing lasting relationships with your clients is invaluable. But by applying strategic approaches, this daunting goal can become a rewarding journey.

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Selective Writing: Choosing the Best Projects for Your Skills

Being selective in your writing choices is not just a preference, but an art that requires discernment and self-awareness.