Why Have A Freelance Writing Rate Card?

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It’s common to get stuck on how much you should charge for your freelancing services. However, creating your freelance writing rate card is essential in establishing your business.

A freelance writing rate card is a menu or brochure for your clients. Your rate card must show what you’re charging and why you’re charging that amount. Additionally, your rate card helps you communicate your value to potential customers and ensures that you and your clients understand expectations. This, in turn, prevents confusion and back-and-forth negotiation later on.

There are plenty of perks to creating a freelancer rate card. Read on to learn the clear advantages of setting, publishing, and sharing your freelance writing rates and how it can help you succeed as an independent contractor.

It communicates your value

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When you have a rate card, potential customers know exactly what to expect when they hire you. This helps you present yourself as a professional and establishes that you take your work seriously. A rate card also allows you to stand out by demonstrating that you know exactly what you’re worth. Additionally, having a rate card makes it easier to negotiate with prospective clients since you have a baseline rate that you can deal from.

It sets expectations

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A rate card helps you be transparent about your pricing and work process. It also sets expectations between you and potential customers. Clients know exactly how much to pay for your services. This helps to ensure that everything is clear when it comes to pricing. Additionally, a rate card helps ensure you’re paid fairly for your assistance.

It provides transparency

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Sending your rate card provides transparency for potential clients. It lets them see exactly what services you offer and how much you charge. This helps them understand the value of your services and make an informed decision about whether to hire you. Additionally, having a rate card helps you stay competitive by comparing your rate to other freelancers.

It establishes trust

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When customers know how much they’re paying for your solutions, it helps to build trust. Additionally, it shows that you’re transparent about your pricing and that you’re confident in the value of your work. This helps to create a good relationship between you and your clients.

It prevents misunderstandings

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Providing your rate helps prevent confusion, misunderstandings, and back-and-forth negotiations, especially later. If a customer knows how much you charge, they won’t be surprised by any extra charges that may come up during the project.

Should I publish my freelance writing rates online?

Whether or not to publish your freelance writing rates online is ultimately up to you. It can be beneficial to have your rates available online, so prospective clients can easily find them, and you don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly. However, keep in mind that publishing your rates could make it harder for you to charge what you’re worth. The decision should be based on your individual goals.

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