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If you’re a writer or editor, you know how important it is to stay updated on the latest trends. One way to do this is by following Filipino writers on social media.

Plenty of talented individuals in the Philippines have made a mark in the digital space. Journalists, editors, authors, writers, and freelancers are dominating the web and setting the standard for excellence. From National Artists to award-winning authors, these individuals use their platforms to share their expertise and connect in new and exciting ways.

Are you looking for inspiration and advice? In this blog post, we’ll look at 10 Filipino writers on social media. Follow these leaders.

Filipino Writers on Facebook

Filipino writers on social media platforms like Facebook have steadily gained recognition for their exceptional talent and unique perspectives. They use the world’s largest social media platform to share their work, engage with readers, and network with fellow writers and industry professionals.

Through their Facebook pages and personal profiles, these creative individuals showcase their skills and foster a supportive online community that helps nurture and develop the careers of aspiring writers.

Janis Narvas

Janis is a copywriting consultant, helping business owners craft compelling copy that effectively converts visitors into customers. With her storytelling and SEO writing expertise, she assists clients in creating marketing content tailored to their audiences.

Janis is proficient in various niches, and she is dedicated to understanding the needs of her clients. Her blog provides valuable insights into the world of copywriting and writing as a craft.

Samantha Sotto

Samantha is an author best known for her imaginative and captivating storytelling. She gained widespread acclaim with her debut novel, Before Ever After, which blends romance, mystery, and history. Her unique narrative style and well-developed characters have captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

Adept at weaving intricate tales that traverse time and space, Samantha immerses her audience in magical worlds.

Filipino Writers on Instagram

Filipino writers and editors on Instagram have been making waves in the creative, influencer, and content creation scene. They showcase their voice and diverse experience through viral posts that explore writing, storytelling, and communications. Their stories offer a fresh perspective, whether it’s through explainers, podcasts, or personal vignettes. These writers and creatives create compelling content that resonates with audiences.

Their presence on Instagram allows them to connect with readers from all walks of life and, more importantly, pave the way for Filipino writers to pursue their dreams.

Mina Esguerra

Mina is an accomplished romance author and publisher known for her relatable novels highlighting Filipino culture and contemporary themes.

Mina is also the founder of Romance Class, a community of writers and readers that nurtures and supports Philippine romance novels. Her commitment to promoting local talent and her keen understanding of modern readers have made her a respected and influential voice in Filipino contemporary romance.

Miss Chief Editor

Pola del Monte, widely known in social media circles as Miss Chief Editor, is a content creator and communications expert with a strong writing, editing, and journalism background. With a sharp intellect and an unyielding passion for words, she has cemented her reputation as an influential writing mentor.

Pola’s dedication to the art of writing and communications has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a witty and knowledgeable influencer, captivating followers with her perspectives and commentary.

Myrza Sison

Myrza Sison is a seasoned media professional and a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle powerhouse. As the former Group Editorial Director of Summit Media, Myrza has revolutionized how women’s magazines are consumed.

Myrza’s Instagram account is a testament to her vast experience, offering insights into careers and self-care. Myrza’s passion for empowering women has made her a respected authority and a beacon of inspiration.


Chonx Tibajia is a lifestyle journalist and writing mentor with an impressive ability to tell captivating stories that deeply engage her audience.

As the creative force behind the Instagram handle pineappleversed, she uses her rich journalism background to empower others to discover their unique voice and refine their writing craft. Through her workshops, she guides aspiring writers in sharpening their skills and polishing their work.

Ricky Lee

Ricky Lee is a National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts celebrated for his profound impact on Philippine cinema. With a career of over four decades, Ricky has penned classics such as Himala, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

A dedicated mentor, he has nurtured countless screenwriters through his workshops and books. Ricky’s passion for crafting riveting narratives and commitment to elevating the art of screenwriting have made him a true film icon.

Filipino Writers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be an unlikely platform for writers, but many Filipino writers and creative professionals impact and inspire others with their work. By connecting with their peers and sharing their insights and achievements, Filipino freelancers on LinkedIn foster a strong sense of community.

Tricia Hingpit

Tricia Hingpit is a user experience writer and content designer currently working at Poplar Homes. She has a wealth of experience in creating engaging digital experiences. Freelancers recognize her as the founder of a community called Filipino Remote Copywriters, connecting and supporting fellow copywriters. Tricia’s dedication to her craft is evident on LinkedIn, where she shares her knowledge and industry expertise.

Filipino Writers on Twitter

Filipino writers, journalists, and columnists on Twitter are influential voices that enrich our local literary and news landscape. Their insightful tweets and engaging content reflect their expertise in various fields, from politics and history to literature and culture. These thought leaders effectively use Twitter to share their perspectives, promote intellectual discourse, and connect with a larger audience.

Manuel Quezon III

Manuel Quezon III is a columnist, historian, and political analyst. Born into a prestigious political family, he is the grandson of Manuel L. Quezon. MLQ3 has written extensively on Filipino politics, history, and culture, contributing to publications such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer. A respected figure in his field, MLQ3 is a sought-after commentator and speaker on important political and social issues.

Butch Dalisay

Butch Dalisay is an esteemed Filipino writer, academic, and literary icon. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Butch has authored numerous novels, short stories, and essays. As a professor at the University of the Philippines, he has also nurtured young writers and played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s literary landscape. Through his insightful and thought-provoking writing, he inspires and captivates readers.

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