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Carla Tensuan

Carla Tensuan

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Podcasts can provide a great escape from the world and help you recharge your mental and emotional energy. There are a lot of freelance writing podcasts out there, and it can be challenging to choose which ones are worth your precious time.

I’ve been listening to local and international podcasts for a year, and picking my Top 6 is difficult. However, if you’re looking for podcasts to listen to in your spare time, here are six of my favorite freelance writing podcasts on writing, freelancing, motivation, and creativity. These informative shows could help you find your voice, increase your reach, and land better-paying gigs.

The Accidental Creative

I added The Accidental Creative to my podcast playlists earlier this week, and it’s already one of my absolute favorites. Host and author Todd Henry interviews artists, writers, and business leaders, offering tips for “how to thrive in life and work.” His episodes are intriguing, with topics like “Competition Is Your Friend” and “Commit to Decisions.” I can relate.

Recommended episode: Die Empty Part 1: Three Modes of Work (August 30, 2021)

Copy That Pops

I currently write creative copy for Canva and a new jewelry consultancy, and I’ve found that copywriting pushes you to be careful with words. Every Tuesday, persuasive writing expert Laura Petersen shares tips, tricks, tools, and tactics to improve your writing. This is your go-to podcast if you’re learning the ropes of creative copywriting.

Recommended episode: Episode 214: Narrative Arc Framework to Help You Write Better Stories (October 2020)

The Copyblogger

The Copyblogger Podcast used to be narrated by the calming and soothing voice of Sonia Simone. Today, Tim Stoddart hosts the weekly podcast. Copyblogger partnered with the University of California Davis to offer a Coursera massive open online course on content marketing, which I highly recommend enrolling in. The Copyblogger Podcast goes beyond blogging, analyzing other aspects of freelance writing, such as content marketing and copywriting.

Recommended episode: The ‘Obligatory’ Structure of Effective Content (October 2016)


It’s been months since blogger, speaker, and online entrepreneur Darren Rowse shared his practical tips on his ProBlogger podcast. Nevertheless, he offers a lot of tried and tested blogging strategies that will help you attract readers. I also highly suggest his 7-Day Content Sprint online course for writers who are into online classes and video tutorials.

Recommended episode: Episode 280 on COVID-19: How to Approach Blogging Through This Crisis (March 2020)

Work Unlocked

Work Unlocked is an official Upwork podcast, and it’s ideal for frequent users of the platform. If you want to hear insights into the future of work, this is the show for you. Work Unlocked is co-hosted by Gene Gates, Upwork’s Vice President of Customer Insights, and Sheri Baker, an Upwork marketing lead with over a decade of freelancing experience. You’re sure to listen to interesting tidbits from the ultimate freelancing marketplace.

Recommended episode: Increasing Your Income Starts With Finding Your Wow! (September 15, 2021)

Write Now with Sarah Werner

Now and then, we need to tell ourselves that we are only human and have our limits. Write Now with Sarah Werner is a weekly podcast for budding writers “looking to find a healthy work, life, and writing balance.” Sarah’s podcast delves into different aspects of the writing life, encouraging listening with honest advice and advice along the way.

Recommended episode: Episode 139 on Taking Down Hustle Culture with Amie McNee (September 29, 2021)

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