The 7 Best FutureLearn Courses for Writers

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Between juggling your daily tasks and finding time to write, it can be tough to dedicate time to learning new things. But learning isn’t a one-time event: it’s something you continue doing throughout your life and career. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best FutureLearn courses for writers. Whether you want to improve your writing, editing, or marketing skills, these courses will help you grow professionally. So don’t wait any longer: start learning today!

Content Marketing Strategy

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Offered by Advertising Week
Part of an ExpertTrack on Marketing Strategy

Using case studies from some of the world’s biggest brands, this two-week FutureLearn course for writers and marketers will equip you with the content marketing skills and know-how to create engaging, targeted marketing content that works.

Topics covered:

  • Define and understand content marketing
  • Learn the different types of content marketing
  • Discover how to reach customers
  • Plan a content marketing strategy

Credible Content Creation for Communications Professionals

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Offered by the University of Southern Queensland

Creating content based on reliable and valid sources is critical to building trust and credibility in the market. In this four-week FutureLearn course for writers and content creators, you’ll develop your information retrieval skills and learn to gather and evaluate the reliability and credibility of sources. You’ll learn to create high-quality, factually-accurate content, whatever your brief.

Topics covered:

  • Evaluate sources to determine their credibility
  • Demonstrate the importance of high-quality content
  • Source information from key references
  • Apply an ethical approach to your communication role

Feature Writing

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Offered by the University of Kent
Part of an ExpertTrack on How to be a Journalist in a Social Media and Digital Age

Explore the feature landscape to understand the crucial difference between news stories and features. Learn how feature writers get their ideas as you discover the importance of research and valuable sources. With this understanding, you’ll put what you have learned into practice and complete an exercise to get the ideas flowing for your feature.

Topics covered:

  • Explore features and where they appear
  • Discuss idea generation
  • Prepare to interview people for features
  • Describe narrative storytelling
  • Investigate ideas for features
  • Produce a pitch for a feature idea

Foundations of Writing

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Offered by Government Campus

Many work contexts require basic written communication skills, from emails to meeting notes and reports. In this two-week course, you’ll improve your writing skills using the mnemonic ‘JASPER’ – the six fundamental aspects of clear writing: jargon, acronyms, short sentences and paragraphs, plain English, editors, and readers.

Topics covered:

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Learn crucial tips to develop your writing skills
  • Explore editing tools to help you write in plain English

How to Create Great Online Content

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Offered by the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding
Part of a specialization in Digital Marketing

Great content is the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy. It can increase SEO rankings, enhance brand and product awareness, and encourage your audience to buy a product or share information – but what makes truly effective online content?

Topics covered:

  • Define online content and how it is planned
  • Examine online content and identify its messaging and intentions
  • Question the messaging and use of language in content
  • Use practical strategies to communicate online
  • Explore best practices in content media creation

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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Offered by the University of Southern Queensland

Do you ever feel like everyone else seems to know what they’re doing? Well, you’re not alone! This FutureLeaern course for writers and anyone with imposter syndrome will help you identify and address negative thought and behavior patterns that undermine your confidence.

Topics covered:

  • Understand imposter syndrome
  • Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn strategies to address imposter syndrome

Survive and Thrive as a Creative Freelancer

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Offered by Kingston University London

One-third of workers in the creative industries are freelancers. Making your freelance career sustainable in such a competitive sector takes more than just a healthy dose of creativity. In this six-week FutureLearn course for writers who freelance, you’ll learn everything you need to make managing your business a success.

Topics covered:

  • Get started as a freelancer
  • Find and work with clients
  • Manage and grow your business
  • Thrive as a freelancer

Begin your learning journey

FutureLearn offers a plethora of valuable courses for aspiring writers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills or an experienced writer seeking to expand your knowledge, you’ll find courses tailored to your specific needs.

From content marketing to journalism, feature writing to copywriting, FutureLearn has something for everyone. The platform’s user-friendly interface, expert instructors, and interactive learning methods make it an ideal choice for writers of all levels. So, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your writing abilities and take your craft to new heights with these seven best FutureLearn courses for writers. Happy learning and happy writing!

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