12 Gift Ideas for Freelance Writers this Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll get for your family members and friends. If you have a friend or loved one who writes for a living, consider these 12 holiday gift ideas for freelance writers. With these tried and tested picks from various online retailers, you can’t go wrong. Our handpicked selection will surely put a smile on any writer’s face and keep their creativity flowing all year round.

Start the day with coffee or tea

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Most writers need hot coffee or tea to get through their day. Start your writer’s day off with a French press, roasted coffee beans, or loose-leaf teas. Complete their coffee and tea nook with a selection of simply elegant mugs. You can’t go wrong with one of the most popular gift ideas for freelance writers.

Create an inspiring space

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A writer’s workspace is an essential part of their creative process. Encourage your writer friend to create a space where they feel comfortable getting in the zone and producing their best work. Consider small but memorable touches, such as bookends, scented candles, and even collectible figures that inspire creativity.

Curl up with a good book

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One of the most popular gifts for writers is books. Why not give them what they want most? If you’re buying for an avid reader, look for titles that provide practical writing advice or literary inspiration. A tribute to classical authors is always a good choice.

Write it down

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Some writers, like myself, use an array of analog writing tools. Technology has its advantages but, sometimes, nothing beats writing things down on paper. We enjoy documenting our thoughts and ideas everywhere. Planners, journals, notepads, notebooks, and a suite of pens to match, are much-appreciated gifts for freelance writers.

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