10 Types of Freelance Writing (Part 2 of 2)

Carla Tensuan

Carla Tensuan

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The freelance writer market is vast and varied. To succeed, you need to understand the different types of freelance writing and what skills you need to develop. In the first part of this blog post, you learned about various freelance writing opportunities. You’ve discovered the many types of freelance writing, from feature writing and blogging to copywriting to social media content creation and video script writing. You also found out the reasons why you should consider each type. If you haven’t read the first part, check it out before continuing.

The second part of this blog post will discuss five more kinds of freelance writing: technical, business, grant, business plan, and resume writing. Knowing these various types will help you better understand the market and determine the best fit for your experience and skill set. Keep reading.

Technical writing

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Technical writing involves working with software developers, testers, and other people tasked to write highly methodical documents. This type of writing involves creating manuals, user guides, and knowledge base articles. You’ll need to have a good understanding of technology, business, and processes and an uncanny ability to explain complex subjects in simple language.

Business writing

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Many companies look for freelance writers who can assist with their marketing and communications efforts through business writing. You may be asked to craft business letters, professional bios, reports, award submissions, and presentations.

Grant writing

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Freelance writers specializing in grant writing can work with government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations to apply for and win grants. Applications need to explain the organization’s goals and how the funding will be used. Putting together a grant application means working under strict deadlines and submission guidelines. You’ll need excellent organizational skills and work efficiently within a tight schedule.

Business plan writing

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Business plan writing is similar to grant writing, except that the client is interested in developing a plan for future growth and seeking financing and investments. Knowledge in marketing, finance, management, or operations is advantageous in this specialization. You’ll likely write business plans for startups, new businesses, and other organizations for entrepreneurs and founders. Business plans are written with banks, venture capitalists, and investors in mind. Pitch deck writing is also often associated with this niche.

Resume writing

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Job seekers may write a resume, but resume writing is also a lucrative niche. You’ll need to understand the different types of resumes and the details recruiters and hiring managers look for in an ideal candidate. In addition to updating and improving resumes, you can draft compelling cover letters and optimize LinkedIn profiles.

How to break into each kind of writing

You can make money as a freelancer, but each type of writing requires unique skills. If you don’t know what kind of writing best suits you, start by reading this blog post. It will help you discover what types of writing best suit your interests and skillset and which ones are best for your clients. Finally, you’ll find out what options are available as a freelancer.

When you consider the types of freelance writing you want to pursue, it’s helpful to break down each style into a few subcategories, depending on your experience and skill set. If you’re getting started as a freelance writer, you have a lot of ground to cover, so don’t overcomplicate it. Start with the types of writing that interest you the most, and work your way down from there.

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