4 Freelance Writing Goals for 2022

Carla Tensuan

Carla Tensuan

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Working as a freelance writer can be fun and exciting. However, staying motivated and on target can be challenging without the right goals. You must have specific aspirations that you want to attain. Whether you want to acquire more clients or increase your rates, here are four freelance writing goals for 2022. Take these goals and resolutions and use them as inspiration for the coming months.

Goal #1: Develop a daily routine

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To be successful as a freelance writer, you need to develop a routine that works for your personality. It can be as simple as setting the alarm and waking up early, or it can be a more long-term goal to write every day. Establish a schedule or rituals that will help you finish your work efficiently.

Goal #2: Acquire new clients

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One of the main goals of many freelance writers is to grow their client list. If you are looking for new clients, this goal should be your focus in 2022.

As a freelancer, you want to find a way to maximize your work and get more done. This includes finding new ways to market yourself and developing business relationships with other professionals.

Goal #3: Get more bylines

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A byline is the author’s name at the article’s beginning or end. It is a way to credit work and set yourself up for success in your freelance writing career. To get more bylines, you need to pitch stories to publications. Set deadlines and write regularly. Don’t underestimate the power of persistence!

You also want to make sure you choose relevant and interesting topics for your audience. If you have a niche topic or another skill, consider using this to get bylines.

Goal #4: Assign yourself a daily word count 

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One of the most accessible goals you can set is establishing a word count that you can hit daily. By having a word count goal, you’ll have a sense of progress and can track your progress over time. If you want to increase your freelance writing rates but struggle with time management, try setting a weekly word count for yourself. You may find that this helps motivate you to work more efficiently.

Achieve your freelance writing goals for 2022

Take stock of your freelance writing goals for the new year and spend some time developing new tactics to help you reach them. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start fresh, but if they don’t work out or aren’t met in the end, it can be discouraging. The key is taking small steps towards achieving what you set out for yourself so that you’re not too far away from where you’d want to be when January comes around again.

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