3 Freelance Writing Goals to Achieve in 2023

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Carla Tensuan

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Freelance writing is a fulfilling and lucrative career that offers the perfect balance of freedom and security, allowing you to explore your creativity while earning a decent income. As I look ahead to 2023, I’m setting my sights on some ambitious freelance writing goals. I want to make more money and reach a wider audience. To achieve these goals, I plan to take on more challenging projects, review my spending, and invest in my writing skills. With dedication and hard work, I’m confident these ambitious freelance writing goals are within reach. It’s time to start planning and taking action so I can reach these goals by the end of 2023.

Freelance Writing Goal 1: Lower my expenses

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As a freelancer, I need to keep my expenses as minimal as possible. My goal for 2023 is to reduce my expenses. This will help me save money and make more profits.

To achieve this goal, I plan to cut back on unnecessary spending. I will focus on buying only what I need and avoid impulse spending. Additionally, I will look for ways to save on things like office supplies and technology.

Freelance Writing Goal 2: Work with four clients monthly

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My second goal for the upcoming year is to work with four clients every month. I want to grow my client base and take on more projects. This will help me grow my business.

I plan to focus on networking and attending events to achieve this goal. I will also contact former clients and colleagues to see if they need help. Additionally, I will refresh my work portfolio.

I also plan to focus on marketing. I want to create content and engage with potential clients on social media.

Freelance Writing Goal 3: Boost brand awareness

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My third and final goal for 2023 is to boost brand awareness. I want to increase the visibility of my freelance writing business.

To achieve this goal, I plan to focus on branding. I want to work with a branding specialist or graphic designer to create a logo that reflects my professional brand. I also want to create a consistent look and feel across all my social media channels. Lastly, I will focus on search engine optimization to ensure my content is easily found online.

Gearing up for 2023

I’m excited to start working on my freelance writing goals for 2023. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m determined to achieve them. I will track my progress and make adjustments as needed.

If you’re a freelancer, I encourage you to set ambitious goals for yourself. Write them down and create a plan to make them a reality. You can achieve your goals and make your business successful with hard work and dedication.

Let’ss get ready to make 2023 our best year yet! All it takes is a little planning and much determination. You can make your freelance writing dreams come true with the right goals and a winning attitude.

About the author

Carla Tensuan is a freelance writer, editor, and communications specialist. She specializes in crafting creative copy, blog content, and press releases. She enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and practicing yoga in her free time. She lives with her husband in Manila, Philippines.