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Are you looking for a new gig? You can find freelance writing jobs anywhere, even on social media and personal contacts. But many new freelancers don’t realize they can land clients through their favorite job boards. Sites like Kalibrr, LinkedIn, and Indeed aren’t just for full-time employment. They offer projects and openings for freelancers who want to work with reputable clients. All you need to do is change your search terms or filters.

Here are the five best job search sites that I recommend. I’ve gotten new clients through these websites, and I’m sure you will.


Kalibrr is a Filipino job search site with a Southeast Asian presence. Of all the job boards I’ve tried, their interface is the most straightforward and intuitive. They also have filters for freelance, part-time, contractual, and remote work, which I love.

Because Kalibrr is newer to the market (it began in 2013), not as many companies are listed on the platform. However, the quality of the employers makes up for this disadvantage.

Potential clients include Elite Worldgroup, SEO Hacker, and Study.com


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has the advantage of being the top choice for multinationals and large conglomerates. If you want to work with the largest and most esteemed organizations, optimize your LinkedIn profile, upload your resume, and start applying. Being a social networking site, LinkedIn also offers messaging, so don’t be surprised if recruiters and hiring managers approach you on the platform.

One of the disadvantages of LinkedIn is the competition for desirable openings. It is uncommon to find dozens or over a hundred applicants for one role. Time is of the essence at LinkedIn, so apply immediately, and don’t hesitate to approach mutual connections with questions about the workplace culture.

Potential clients include Jellyfish, Wonders, Virtual Coworker, Inside Ideas Group, Bliss Drive, and Dentsu International


Summit Digital and SEEK-backed JobStreet has been a Filipino favorite for years. If you’re after many job opportunities, JobStreet is your pick. There are thousands of job openings across various industries.

One of its disadvantages is that its website is cumbersome to browse. If you don’t finetune your search, you’ll find thousands of unrelated job ads. Also, their website doesn’t seem to load correctly at this time. Bugs and issues aside, your job hunt through JobStreet will be rewarding.

Potential clients include Trip101, Bravissimo Resourcing, Ben Edictio, Mosed, Mercurio Design Lab, and Philippine Guarantee Corporation


Touted as the world’s biggest job search website, Indeed’s Philippine job board makes it easy to search for part-time, contractual, and remote work. You can even search based on a specific job title. You’ll get a good mix of prospective clients, many of which are organizations outside the Philippines.

Unlike Kalibrr, LinkedIn, and JobStreet, where the companies are mostly household names, those listed in Indeed may not sound as familiar. However, it doesn’t mean they’re far from reputable. You need to research the prospective client to determine if they’re within your niche.

Potential clients include International Business Times, Team Extended, Mavvo, The VA Group, OnePet, and Esperance


San Francisco-based Glassdoor is best known for its employee reviews—a great feature if the company culture is important to you. Glassdoor is more widely used in the United States, but the job search website finds openings that you might come across on other platforms. If you’ve used Indeed to apply for jobs, you’ll find that Glassdoor’s application process is similar. Glassdoor’s dashboard, however, appears more complicated.

Potential clients include Cubic Promote, Value Virtual Assistants, Lily, Trialfacts, Vivacell, and USAID projects

Final words

Before you start applying for freelance writing jobs, research the prospective client and the role. For how long has the company been in business? Are they operating from the Philippines or from overseas? Do they expect the successful freelancer to work remotely or outside local hours?

In addition, consider if you prefer working through an agency for a steady stream of projects or working directly with clients.

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