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Work can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Sometimes, we don’t feel like working. We might be sick, tired, or just not in the mood. But don’t worry. There are ways to power through even the worst workdays. This article will give tips on how to power through work when you don’t feel like it.


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If you haven’t had a chance, try taking a deep breath and counting to five before you start working. This will help you focus on what you’re doing and stop you from getting frustrated if things don’t go as planned. It will also give you time to catch your breath if you feel stressed about work.

Another way to breathe is to close your eyes, take a deep inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. You can also try breathing exercises like breathing in for six seconds and exhaling for six seconds. This will help you calm down and focus on the work at hand.

Get up and move

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When you’re feeling stressed or unmotivated, getting up from your desk and moving around can help you get your mind off work. Walking will also help you power through your work by keeping your body active and your mind occupied. If you don’t have the option of walking, try tapping your fingers, swinging your arms, or swinging your legs while sitting at your desk.

Set goals and priorities

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Most of us have days where everything seems to come at once. Before you power through work, take a moment to set priorities. This will help you decide which tasks to work on first and which you can push to the back of your mind. Asking yourself this question can help you in two ways. First, it will help determine if you’re working on the right things. Second, setting priorities will help you determine how much time you have. From there, you can better plan your time.

Practice self-compassion and stay positive

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You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or even angry. This is a normal feeling. But if you feel these emotions, stay positive and remember that you can get through this. Take a moment to practice self-compassion and remain positive in the face of work-related stress. You will be able to focus on the task and not dwell on how bad things could be if things didn’t go well today.


You might feel frustrated, discouraged, or even depressed when you don’t feel like working. Whether dealing with work-related stress or other challenges, powering through even when the odds are stacked against you can be challenging. But motivating yourself can only make you stronger.

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