Freelance Writing Lessons from Preschool

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Carla Tensuan

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We learned many things as children that have stayed with us throughout our lives. Some of them seem silly; others have a significant impact. Nevertheless, the lessons we picked up in our preschool years (from ages three to five) serve a purpose: to aid us through adulthood. The skills we learned in early childhood can guide us and help us succeed as freelance writers. Let’s look at four freelance writing lessons from preschool that influence our freelance work.

Be nice to everyone

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The trick to being a successful freelance is being nice to everyone, even with difficult personalities. You never know if you will cross paths in the future, and, more importantly, clients enjoy working with professional and easygoing freelancers. Being nice also helps strengthen your relationship with your clients. Remember to treat others with respect and kindness. The more you learn about the people you’re writing for, the better you can help them succeed.

Play to grow

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It’s okay not to follow the rules when creating something new or different. In preschool, we played outside all day and had lots of fun doing so. We didn’t have set rules on what we could or couldn’t do, so we threw out our rulebook and went with what felt right.

So, play around and get creative. Take the time to toy with ideas or wording. And what we write doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be fun and exciting for us.

Be persistent

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Our ability to persist as we learn and experiment has been instilled from our earliest days, and it continues to be an essential aspect of learning throughout our lives. We’re talking about keeping going even when things don’t go well. However, persistence isn’t just about doing something over and over again. It’s about learning from mistakes and figuring out why things didn’t work.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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Asking for help is a good thing, a skill we need to relearn. Just as you would ask your preschool teachers, parents, and loved ones for help, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. Whether requesting your teacher for help with putting a straw through your juice pack or asking your parents for help with the business, getting the assistance you need doesn’t mean you’re a burden or failure. Some fellow freelancers, career coaches, and even clients can help and are willing to give it if you ask.

Learning from our childhood

Preschool is a period in our early childhood when we are incredibly impressionable. In this stage of our development, we are open to new experiences and are capable of learning new skills. If you’re a freelance writer, you can still benefit from some of the preschool writing lessons you learned. These lessons can help you improve your writing skills and craft stronger arguments.

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Carla Tensuan is a freelance writer, editor, and communications specialist. She specializes in crafting creative copy, blog content, and press releases. She enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and practicing yoga in her free time. She lives with her husband in Manila, Philippines.