Why Freelancers Should Win Retainer Clients

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Carla Tensuan

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Freelance writers often try to find the best way to get new clients. After all, one never knows when and where the next opportunity will come. There are many ways that freelance writers can try to find work, like pitching to blogs or going through online job boards. However, there is a better way for freelancers: winning retainer clients.

A retainer client is a company or organization that pays you monthly, so you’ll be available for any jobs they need throughout the month. Retainer clients are great because they guarantee your income and offer steady work throughout the year.

Focusing on finding and winning retainer clients can make all the difference in balancing your cash flow and sustaining your business. Here are four reasons freelance writers should be investing in retainer clients if they want a long-term career in writing.

Regular income

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One of the most common challenges for freelancers like myself is having a steady income stream. Freelance writers are always looking to find more clients because they never know when they might get another job. Sometimes, the money comes in long after you’ve completed the work. Retainer clients help freelancers by providing them with predictable monthly income, even in slower months, so they can pay their bills and support themselves.

Established rapport

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One of the most critical reasons freelance writers should be winning retainer clients is the established rapport and network. Freelance writing is all about relationships, and establishing strong ties with a company can help you get work on an ongoing basis. Working with a company as a freelancer may make it easier to find additional work with that organization in the future because they know what you’re capable of doing.

A steady amount of work

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Another reason freelance writers should be signing up retainer clients is the steady amount of work they offer. Writers often rely on pitching and searching job boards to find new clients. With these methods, it’s hard to know ifyou’lll be successful or not. This uncertainty can lead to many months of work, followed by weeks will little to no opportunities. Retainers provide a reliable source of income and give a steady flow of assignments year-round.

Less time spent hustling

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Prospecting for new clients takes a lot of time. Most freelance writers have their attention split between finding clients and winning them. It can be a long, drawn-out process. However, if you have retainers, youwon’tt need to spend as much time searching for new gigs.They’lll even be the ones reaching out to you with assignments. This means more time spent on writing and creating content.

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